Real Food Meal Plan Week 31

Real Food Meal Plan Week 31 | Real Food Real Deals

A few weeks ago, I shared about my excitement when someone left 7 pounds of tomatoes in the trade bin at my farm share. Well, the tomato trader was back again this week, and just in time for me. I can’t believe my luck. It was only 5 pounds this week, but I’m still excited. I’ll be making a batch of fresh marinara for the freezer, and I’m also going to try this Tomato Basil Chicken Stew from Gimme Some Oven. We have some old favorites for the rest of the week, including burgers and French toast. I’m looking forward to trying the shortcut eggplant parmesan from the 100 Days of Real Food Cookbook. We have several family members who don’t love eggplant, but hopefully this recipe will … [Read more...]

Apple Recipes

20 apple recipes sq

Apple season is one of the reasons I love living in New England. There are so many orchards around, and we go apple picking as a family every year. The cider donuts are a treat we always enjoy at the orchard, but they're not exactly healthy. This round up includes 20 healthy apple recipes that take advantage of this yummy fall delicacy. I tend to think of baked goods and applesauce when I come home with several pounds of apples. But apples are a great addition at mealtime too. This list includes several savory dishes to put on your dinner plate, as well as sweeter options for breakfast, snack time, and dessert. A few of the recipes include a little brown sugar, and I recommend … [Read more...]

Real Food Meal Plan Week 30

real food meal plan 9-8-14

We’re back to reality this week. After-school activities, evening sports practices, and my husband’s evening work commitments are taking over our schedule. This means I have to plan meals according to who’s home at dinnertime. I’m happy to have homemade marinara and soup in the freezer that can keep us afloat when I have to be driving someone somewhere at dinnertime. As an added bonus, my husband can pull soup out of the freezer for lunch or dinner at work instead of buying expensive (and not-so-healthy) food at the cafeteria. Real Food Meal Plan Week 30 Saturday: Chicken veggie tacos Sunday: Roasted tomato frittata, green salad Monday: Pasta with marinara, cucumber … [Read more...]

Real Food Meal Plan Week 29

real food meal plan week 29

Sometimes when I sit down to meal plan, I’m just out of ideas. No inspiration at all. That’s when I turn to my Recipes to Try Pinterest board. It’s full of so many amazing, delicious-sounding recipes. I would love to eat any of them, and they’re all things I haven’t made before. This week was one of those weeks, so I’m trying lots of new recipes. We haven’t had such an exciting meal plan in a long time. Hopefully we’ll find a couple new favorites. Real Food Meal Plan Week 29 Saturday: Omelettes, toast, cantaloupe on the side Sunday: BLT chopped salad Monday: Steak, corn on the cob, Hawaiian pasta salad  Tuesday: Black bean soup with corn salsa Wednesday: Eggplant … [Read more...]

Real Food Meal Plan Week 28

real food meal plan week 28

It’s back to school week for my family. The kids would love to have a couple more weeks off, but reality is setting in and alarm clocks will be ringing this week. Fortunately, we have a few fun days planned before they go back to school, including one last day at the beach. I’ll pull dinner out of the freezer on Monday when we come back from the beach. It’s so nice to have a supply of meals ready to go for days like these. We’ll celebrate the first day of school with a grill dinner of burgers and corn on the cob, with maple berry skillet cake for dessert. I’m also looking forward to my 9-year-old daughter making lasagna for us one night. That’s her specialty. Real Food Meal Plan Week … [Read more...]

Real Food Meal Plan Week 27

real food meal plan week 27

Something crazy happened last week at my farm share pickup. It was unimaginable. There’s a trade bin in the back of the farm stand where we get our CSA. If there’s a veggie listed on the chalkboard that you don’t want, you can put it in the trade bin and take something else out of the trade bin. I think about that bin when I coordinate my arrival time for my weekly pickup. I don’t want to arrive too early in the day, because the items in the bin will be a few days old. If I arrive too late in the day, all the good stuff will be taken. So I aim for mid-day, but on the earlier side. Last week, I landed at the farm around 1:00. It was a busy day for me, and I had forgotten about the … [Read more...]

Real Food Meal Plan Week 26

real food meal plan week 26

We’ve been traveling so much this summer. July started out with a visit to my in-laws in Vermont, and shortly after that we headed out to Nova Scotia. After a brief time at home, we turned around and drove south to visit my parents on the Jersey shore. Then we came home for 24 hours before heading to Great Wolf Lodge for my son’s birthday. And now, we’re home. I can meal plan again. It’s been challenging to find a home for all my farm share vegetables during this stretch, so I’m glad to be back for long enough to plan some good meals for my family.  August is when the veggies are in their full splendor. Highlights from this week’s farm share pickup include 12 ears of corn, 4 … [Read more...]

Real Food Meal Plan Week 25

real food meal plan week 25

We’re back from our vacation to Nova Scotia, where we ate lots of amazing food. It was such a treat to eat at great locavore restaurants throughout the province, but I’m definitely looking forward to a week of home-cooked meals. Saturday was my husband’s birthday, and the last thing he wanted to do was go out to dinner after a week of restaurant dinners. So I improvised with a simple dinner full of the farm share veggies I picked up that morning. We loved the cherry tomato pasta dish, and my husband made me promise to make it again. I’ll be sharing the recipe soon. It was so simple and delicious. The rest of the menu for the week revolves around the farm share vegetables that are … [Read more...]

10 Real Food Popsicle Recipes

honey yogurt popsice 300

Everyone loves popsicles in the summer. I can’t bring myself to buy them at the store, though. The ingredient lists are scary, including things like artificial food coloring, corn syrup, and preservatives. Healthier store-bought popsicles are priced through the roof, so it makes sense to make them at home. Fortunately, homemade popsicles couldn’t be easier to make. You just mix the ingredients in a blender or food processor and transfer them to the freezer for a couple hours. I have two different popsicle molds that I like to use, a push-pop style and the star-shaped version in the photo above. If you don’t have molds, you can simply freeze the popsicles in paper cups or an ice cube … [Read more...]

Real Food Meal Plan Week 24

real food meal plan 7-7-14

We’re coming and going a lot this summer, which makes meal planning tricky. After a weekend in Burlington, Vermont for July 4th with extended family, we’re home for most of the week before heading out to Canada. Three of the five nights we’re home this week involve swim meets and track meets at dinnertime. Portable dinners will keep us on track while we’re out in the evenings. Calzones and salad in a jar can be eaten bit by bit before, during, and after these events. It’s not the sit-down dinner I’d prefer, but it works for us. I won’t be posting a meal plan next week because we’ll be away in Nova Scotia. I do actually have a detailed plan of where we’ll likely be eating each day, but … [Read more...]