Day Eight of Real Food

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Day Eight of Real Food includes healthy recipes without processed food. It's such a treat to be able to eat a clean, whole food diet.I had a small emotional victory this morning.

My son asked if we could do the real food challenge for longer than 10 days. He said he likes having “more interesting” lunches. I’m taking this as a compliment since I’ve been trying hard to come up with more variety than usual. I bought thermoses for the lunch bags a few days ago, and both of my children were excited to have macaroni and cheese for lunch instead of a sandwich.

I’m happy to be stretching myself with regard to meal planning, especially for breakfast and lunch. Variety is so important.

Menu for Day Eight of Real Food

Breakfast: Whole wheat waffles with berry sauce

Morning Snack: Banana muffins, grapes

Lunch: Whole wheat macaroni and cheese, strawberries

Afternoon snack: Blueberry apple crisp, popsicles, rice cakes with peanut butter

Dinner: Chicken tamale casserole, green salad

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