Day Four of Real Food

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Day Four of Real Food is full of healthy recipes that don't use highly processed ingredients. It feels great to eat clean!

I’m so relieved to have the food portion of today behind me! It’s like an obstacle course out there with all the processed food treats lurking about.

I was happy to think of the pita pizzas as a substitute for the pizza that was for sale at the event we attended this afternoon. I took whole grain pitas from Trader Joe’s and topped them with a simple, homemade pizza sauce and some mozzarella cheese. The kids were happy with this meal, so I think I may add it to their school lunch rotation. It beats a boring cheese sandwich any day.

Menu for Day Four of Real Food

Breakfast:  Whole wheat pancakes with syrup and berries; granola

Morning snack: Brown rice cake with almond butter and jam

Lunch: Pita pizzas, apple slices (kids); leftover cabbage casserole and dumpling soup (adults)

Afternoon snack: Chow-fest of brownies, muffins, popcorn, and fruit leather strips

Dinner: Pot roast with root vegetables from our CSA

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