Gift Guide for Kids Who Cook

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This gift guide for kids who love to cook will help inspire your budding chef. Teaching kids to cook is an essential part of parenting, and these gifts make it extra fun!

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The holidays are a great time to reinforce a child’s interest in learning to cook.

Teaching kids how to cook is one of the essential parts of parenting, but it gets lost in many households. By taking the time to teach children the basics of cooking before they leave home, parents equip their kids with a necessary life skill.

As a side benefit, teaching kids to cook takes pressure off parents as kids get older. My 10-year-old daughter can make homemade pasta, baked goods, meatloaf, and lasagna all by herself. I love taking the night off from cooking and watching her do the work. It’s great for both of us.

Help to inspire your kids to cook with some of these fun, age-appropriate gifts.

Gift Guide for Kids Who Cook

ChopChop Cookbook is a great resource for kids of any age. My daughter turns to this book often for inspiration.

ChopChop Magazine is a quarterly magazine that comes full of new recipes for each season.

Cooking’s Cool Seasonal Cooking Kits are especially good for younger kids who want to get more involved in the kitchen. See my review here.

Colorful Spatulas help make baking easier, and they add a festive touch to the kitchen.

Hand Mixers are a nice alternative to stand mixers for kids. There’s no need to pull out the step stool to reach the KitchenAid when your child can hold this hand mixer instead.

Donut Pans are small enough to fit in a cabinet without the bulk of an electic donut maker. What child doesn’t love donuts?

This Animal Timer will brighten up the kitchen while helping keep track of cooking times.

What are your child’s favorite cooking tools? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!


  1. Love getting people inspired to get the kids into the kitchen and love these ideas to help them do it!

  2. My 9 year old would love these! We have a subscription to Chop Chop and that is a fantastic magazine. Thanks for sharing!

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