Homemade Peanut Butter

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Homemade peanut butter is so easy to make! You have to try this easy recipe.

I love to make food from scratch for my family, but somehow I’ve never made my own peanut butter.

The first recipe my daughter noticed in her new ChopChop Cookbook was for homemade peanut butter, and she couldn’t wait to make it. Since the total amount of time listed for making this recipe was three minutes, I was happy to encourage my daughter to get to work on the recipe.

The only essential ingredient is peanuts, which can be turned into peanut butter by putting them through the food processor for a few minutes. My daughter added salt and a bit of wildflower honey. It was fun to watch the nuts turn into butter, and the results were delicious.

My ten-year-old son wasn’t a part of the food preparation, but when it came time for the tasting, he was right there. They both couldn’t get enough of it.

Peanut Butter rfrd
Pour peanuts into the food processor. Two cups of peanuts yield one cup of peanut butter.
homemade peanut butter
Add a little salt and honey if you’d like.
Watch it whirl around for a couple minutes.
Watch it whirl around for a couple minutes.
Show off your creation and enjoy the taste test!
Show off your creation and enjoy the taste test!

ChopChop Cookbook Review

ChopChop Cookbook

ChopChop is a wonderful cooking magazine for children, and my eight-year-old daughter gets so excited every time a new issue arrives in the mail. When friends come over for a play date, they always want to make something from ChopChop. She’s a pro at their smoothies, and she loves to try new recipes from each issue. We were both very happy to receive a copy of Sally Sampson’s new ChopChop cookbook so I could review it. On the day ChopChop: The Kids’ Guide to Cooking Real Food with Your Family was delivered to our mailbox, my daughter got her hands on it shortly after it passed through the front door. She quickly developed a long list of recipes she wanted to make by herself.

The cookbook teaches children how to make classic recipes that are healthy and delicious, and it helps kids to learn the basic skills needed to cook. Packed with over 100 recipes, the book includes lots of ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, soups, salads, desserts, and drinks. It provides tips about using all your senses, paying attention while you work in the kitchen, and improvising with a recipe. This cookbook is a perfect tool to inspire children to cook. Its straightforward language is accessible to elementary school aged children or older, and the beautiful pictures spark an interest in many different types of food.

I love that the cookbook focuses on parents and children making real food together from scratch. Sampson recommends whole wheat pasta rather than white, and she often uses Greek yogurt in place of mayonnaise. While some recipes call for white sugar and flour, you can easily substitute maple syrup and whole grain flour. Tweaking recipes is encouraged, and you can adapt them to your own “real food” specifications.

The people at ChopChop are generously offering a free copy of the cookbook and a one-year subscription to the magazine to one lucky reader of Real Food Real Deals. You can enter to win in the Rafflecopter box at the bottom of this post. But first, I want to share a few snapshots of one of their recipes in action.

If you have kids who love to cook, or kids who you hope will one day love to cook, ChopChop is an essential resource. One lucky reader will receive a free copy of the cookbook as well as a one-year subscription to the magazine. Good luck!

Update: This giveaway has ended.


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