Organizing Kitchen Cabinets with OXO

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Organizing Kitchen Cabinets with OXO | Real Food Real Deals #POPtober

I’m frugal.

Even if this is your first time here, you probably could have guessed that by reading the title of my blog.

I keep a price chart that tracks where I can get the least expensive version of everything on my shopping list. I shop the sales and make lots of my family’s food from scratch. I love clearance racks and church tag sales.

But being frugal doesn’t mean being cheap. I firmly believe in investing in high-quality kitchen supplies that will last a long time. If you buy cheap kitchen tools, they’ll break before long and you’ll need to replace them.

That’s why I’m happy to work with OXO. Their quality is fantastic, and everything they sell comes with a lifetime guarantee. I’ve never been disappointed by their bowls, salad spinners, vegetable peelers, or other cooking tools. But OXO is more than just salad spinners. They also carry a great line of containers to help organize your cabinets.

Organize Kitchen Cabinets with OXO POP Containers

OXO recently sent me several food storage containers to help get my kitchen cabinets in order. These POP Containers, available at Container Store locations nationwide as well as, look so neat and tidy in my cabinets. These “before and after” pictures give you an idea of how much happier my shelves look with the proper containers.

snack cabinet
My snack shelf, before and after
breakfast cabinet
My breakfast shelf, before and after

The flat lids of the POP Containers are designed for stacking, and they create an airtight seal. No more stale tortilla chips! I love that the design is space efficient since we don’t have all that much cabinet space in my kitchen. Our breakfast shelves have never looked better than they do now with these sleek cereal storage containers. My only minor complaint about the POP Containers is that cleaning the lids is a bit involved. I recommend using them for dry items that won’t require frequent cleaning.

Disclosure: I received a 10-piece POP Container set as well as 3 cereal containers from OXO. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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