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peapod pickup service

When my kids were babies, my parents wanted to help out. They live five hours away from me, and they managed to come visit every month or two for those first few years. But they wanted to do more.

My mom found the perfect solution. She would email me every once in a while and say, “Put in a Peapod order. It’s on me.”

It was music to this new mama’s ears.

With a toddler and a baby in the house, going to the grocery store wasn’t easy. It was much simpler to take advantage of Peapod, a grocery delivery service through our Stop & Shop store. This service allowed me to order groceries online, and the Peapod truck would arrive at my house with bags full of food.

Now that my children are older and I can get to the grocery store more easily, I can’t really justify the $15 Peapod delivery fee. But the convenience of ordering groceries online is something I do miss.

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Peapod Pickup Service

I was so excited to learn about Peapod’s new curbside pickup service. At over 200 Stop & Shop locations, you can put in your order online and have your groceries loaded right into your car. And the best part – it’s free for a limited time!

Stop & Shop recently hosted a group of bloggers at one of their stores in Quincy, Massachusetts. We had the opportunity to put in orders for the Peapod curbside pickup service, and our orders were waiting for us after the event. The process was very smooth, and I can imagine this service would be a great help to many families. If you have a newborn, or a sick child, or a spouse who doesn’t like to shop, you can create your order online and pick it up at a convenient time for you. Even if you just have a busy week, this service can be a great time-saver.

clean eating meal plan

Before you put in your order, check out my post about how to meal plan. It’s much better to have a menu in place before you go shopping, even if it’s online!

Disclosure: I received free groceries through this Peapod curbside pickup event. All opinions in this post are my own.

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