Ten Days of Real Food

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My family embarked on ten days of real food. It was a big challenge to avoid processed food, but we did it!

My family doesn’t eat all that much processed food, but we could definitely do better. I believe that most foods are okay in moderation, but I’d like to get better at coming up with more snacks and breakfasts that don’t include processed foods like animal crackers and dry cereal.

I’ve been inspired by the blog, 100 Days of Read Food, to take a pledge to eat only real food for 10 days. Click here to see the rules as presented by real food blogger Lisa Leake. The main challenge is to avoid processed sugar, white flour, and any product that has more than 5 ingredients. With good planning and organization, I think my husband and I, along with our two children, can do this. The kids are excited about the challenge.

Ten Days of Real Food

We’ll be starting our real food boot camp on Wednesday. In looking at our calendar for the next few months, it was nearly impossible to find a period of 10 consecutive days with no birthday parties, dinner gatherings, or other events that would make it difficult for all of us (especially the kids) to stick to the real food plan.

I wouldn’t be comfortable insulting a host by telling them we can’t eat what they’re serving because it doesn’t fit into the category of “real food.” This is literally the only time over a two-month period where I could get it on our schedule without my children having to say “no” to cake or cookies at some fun event. This goes to show how pervasive white sugar and processed, pre-packaged goodies are in everyday life.

There will be a couple times over the 10 days when I’ll have to bring something special along for my children so they don’t feel left out. Fortunately, desserts are acceptable in moderation as long as they are made with natural sweeteners and whole grains. I don’t think I could sign on to something like this if dessert were out of the picture!


  1. You’ve made me think about how much white sugar and processed food we eat for snacks and breakfast. Yikes! I’m at a loss though for what to serve instead, especially to the kids . . . I will be checking back with interest to see how you all are doing on the real food boot camp, and cheering you on!

    1. When we’re on the go (i.e. breakfast and snack time), it really is easier to lean on processed foods. I’m looking at things like homemade whole grain muffins, fresh fruit, dried fruit, hummus, and nuts for snacks. We’re planning a breakfast rotation of oatmeal, homemade granola, eggs and toast, and pancakes/waffles that can be made ahead of time in big batches and then frozen. I will be cooking a lot!

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