1. Thanks for sharing this Annemarie! It is good to get the word about CSAs out there, as so many people have never even heard of them, and they are such a wonderful thing to be a part of!

    We loved being a part of a CSA before we moved. The farm we were with was very small, there were only a few subscribers. That meant it was very personal! There was also an 8 hour a month work requirement, so I would go work on the farm and got to learn some great gardening tips. On the days I worked, the farmer would let me pick my share myself. It is definitely a bargain!

    1. That sounds like a great farm share, Christine. The work requirement is a really good idea – I bet I’d learn a lot if I did that.

      1. Thanks, Lauryn! I love that chili, but I rarely make it the same way twice in a row. There are so many ways to mix it up.

  2. Last year was our first time joining a CSA. We fell in love too for many of the reasons you shared above. Just dropped off our deposit for our second season last week and can’t wait to taste that fresh earthy taste that comes from locally grown food!

    1. That’s great, Rose! I’m so glad you love your farm share as much as I love mine. Who can resist food fresh from the ground?

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