Conquering Your Kitchen is a book that will teach you how to plan meals, shop, and cook real food with confidence and purpose. Anyone can do it!DisclosureDo you need help getting real food on the table for your family? Then Conquering Your Kitchen is just the book for you.

This guide contains 80 quick, easy recipes made with whole food ingredients. It also walks you through everything you need to know about organizing your kitchen, planning meals, shopping, and cooking with confidence and purpose.

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Here’s what people are saying about Conquering Your Kitchen:

“I absolutely LOVE Annemarie’s writing style. Reading her book is like having her in your kitchen giving you kind instruction. This is a great book for those new or inexperienced in the kitchen.”

“I really enjoyed Conquering Your Kitchen. Annemarie’s philosophy on food really resonated with me and I loved the fact that her recipes all require 30 minutes or less of my time. With real food — cooked from scratch.”

“If you’ve made a commitment to cook from scratch, avoid GMOs, and stay within your budget, you’ll love the friendly voice and experience expressed in this book, a beacon on your journey to getting the most out of your food budget.”

“I’m a mom to four kids, but I was completely unprepared to be a housewife. This book has been a HUGE help to me, especially when it comes to planning healthy meals for our family. We’ve tried eating healthy in the past, but one of the biggest hurdles to maintaining that way of life has been our disorganized kitchen and pantry. Annemarie’s book, though, has given me plenty of tips and suggestions to help me resume our healthy way of life and maintain it this time!”

Pick up a copy of Conquering Your Kitchen on Amazon today. It’s available in print and digital form. Then come back and let me know what you make!