Real Food Real Deals Permissions Policy

All of the content on Real Food Real Deals is my copyrighted material. If you’re interested in referring to my content, here’s how you can do it.

Permissions Policy

You may do the following without seeking permission from me:

  1. Link to one of my posts or to my site.
  2. Use a photo one time, with the photo linked directly back to the post it came from.
  3. Reprint the first sentence (maximum) of a post, followed by a link to the rest of the post on my site.

You do not have permission to do any of the following:

  1. Re-post more than the first paragraph of text from any of my posts.
  2. Use a photo without a link back to the source post.
  3. Make very minor edits to one of my recipes and present it as your own.
  4. Copy any of my text or images and present them as your own.

If you would like to use my work in some other way (e.g. one-time use of an image in a print magazine), or if you have a question that doesn’t fit into the permissions listed above, please email me at I’d be happy to discuss it.

Thanks for respecting my copyrighted material.