I create recipe videos to help make your recipes come to life for your readers! Increase your engagement and follower numbers with recipe videos!

 Hire me to create your next recipe video!

I create food videos that will bring your recipes to life for your readers. You supply the recipe, and I’ll do the rest: shopping for ingredients, preparing the recipe, filming the recipe process, and editing the recipe into an approximately 60-second video.

I’ll provide a draft of the finished recipe, including music. You can ask me to edit the font, the music, the pacing, or the content of the various clips. I’ll keep working on it until it looks just right to you. I want you to be completely happy with every video!

You’ll receive both a square crop and a wide crop of the video via DropBox, along with a song that goes well with your video. You’ll own all rights to the video, and I’ll never sell your video to third parties. All content is created just for you.

Benefits of Recipe Videos

If you’re a food blogger, now is the time to start posting videos of your recipes. Here are some of the benefits of video:

  • Increase in engagement on Facebook and Instagram
  • Increase in reach
  • Increase in followers
  • Marketability for sponsored posts
  • Extra inspiration for readers to actually make your recipes!

Recipe Video Samples

Please fill out the form below or email me at annemarie@realfoodrealdeals.com if you’d like additional details, including pricing. I’d love to work with you!
As of January 2022, my client list is full, and I’m operating on a waitlist.