Having a price chart makes it so much easier to save money on groceries! You can keep track of the best prices on food items that you regularly buy, which makes it so much easier to stick to your food budget.

Many of my recipes include a breakdown of cost per serving. I use a master price chart to determine these cost breakdowns. My price chart is an essential resource for me as I decide where to purchase the many items on my shopping list.

It’s easy to put together your own price chart. Make a spreadsheet with all the food and grocery items you typically buy. Note the prices, including price per unit, for each item. You may be surprised to see how different the prices can be from one store to another.

Having a price chart makes it so much easier to decide where to buy each item on your weekly grocery list. It may be worth shopping at a few different stores to get the best bottom line price and stick to your budget.

Real Food Real Deals Price Chart

This is my current price list here in Massachusetts. Even with inflation, I can typically get these prices at either the regular price or sale price, depending on the item. This list is a work in progress and I add to it regularly, but it will give you an idea of the prices in my stores.

Stores: Trader Joe’s (TJ’s), Stop and Shop (S&S), Whole Foods (WF), Costco, Aldi, Target, Farm Share (FS), Roche Brothers (Roche)

Note: This chart is easiest to view on a desktop or laptop computer.

ItemStoreCostPer Unit
Akmak CrackersTJ’s1.79/20 pack.09 each
Almond MealTJ’s3.99/5 cups.80/cup
AlmondsTJ’s4.98/lb.4.98/lb. (1.25/cup)
Apple SauceTarget2.00/3 cups.67/cup
Apples, Dried TJs2.99/8 ounces
Apples, Organic S&S4.99/3 lb.1.66/lb.
Apricots TJ’s2.99/lb..85/cup
Arrowroot StarchWF5.99/lb1.71/cup
Asparagus S&S2.99/lb. (30).50/5 (1/2 cup)
Avocado S&S1.00 each1.00 each
Bacon S&S3.99/lb..25/slice
Bakers Chocolate S&S2.50/8 oz..31/oz.
Baking Powder S&S1.89/12 oz..04/tsp.
Baking Soda S&S.99/16 oz..01/tsp.
Banana, Organic TJ’s.29 each.29 each
Bay LeafS&S.15 each.15 each
Blueberries, Fresh S&S2.99/pint1.50/cup
Blueberries, Frozen S&S2.99/15 oz..75/cup
Brie S&S4.99/8 ounces
Broccoli S&S1.29/lb1.29/lb.
Brown RiceS&S 2.99/2 lbs (5.5 cups)
Brown Rice Cereal WF3.50/10 oz..70/cup
Brown Rice NoodlesS&S3.99/8 oz.
Butter TJ’s3.00/lb..75/stick
Buttermilk S&S1.89/32 oz..47/cup
Carrots, Organic TJ’s.89/lb.09/carrot
Cashews TJ’s6.99/lb.6.99/lb.
Cayenne Pepper S&S.20/tsp
Celery S&S$2/bunch.16 per stalk
Cheddar Cheese S&S2.50/8 oz..31/oz
Kerrygold Cheddar Costco5.95/lb..37/oz. 1/2 cup
Cherries S&S3.99/lb
Chia seeds Costco7.00/lb..16/tbs.
Chicken Breast S&S2.99/lb2.99/lb
Chicken Broth, Homemade 1.10/10 cups.11/cup
Chicken, Whole S&S1.69/lb.
Chicken, Whole (organic) Costco2.49/lb.
ChickpeasS&S1.00/bag.17/cup cooked
Chili Peppers, Diced TJ’s.79/4oz.79/4 oz
Chili Powder S&S2.50/2.5 oz.10/tsp
Chipotles in Adobo S&S14.22/42 oz.06/tsp
Cinnamon Aldi.99/4.25 oz.02/tsp
Cocoa Powder TJ’s1.99/9 oz.22/oz. (.88/cup)
Coconut WF3.49/5 cups.80/cup
Coconut Milk WF3.19/1.75 cups
Coconut Oil TJ’s5.99/16 oz.17/tbs. (2.72/cup)
Corn TJ’s1.29/16 oz1.29/16 oz
Corn Cob FS5.00/12.42 each
Corn Meal S&S$3/32 ounces.35/cup
Corn tortillas TJ’s1.49/11 ounces (12).12 each
Cow’s Milk S&S2.99/gallon.19/cup
Cranberries S&S2.50/12 ounces.83/cup
Cucumber FS1.50/lb.75/cucumber
Cumin S&S.10/tsp.
Dates TJ’s4.49/lb..20/date
Dried Cranberries TJ’s1.99/8 oz..40/quarter cup
Eggs (cage-free) TJ’s2.99/dozen.25/egg
Eggplant FS1.50/lb.
Fresh Herbs FS$1/bunch.12/tbs
Garlic FS.10 per clove
GF Flour Mix WF7.50/10 cups.75/cup
Ghee, Homemade 1.50/cup.09/tbs.
Ginger S&S1.99/1.5 oz..18/tsp
Green Beans FS2.00/lb.
Ham S&S5.99/lb5.99/lb
Honey Roche6.99/32 oz.2.40/cup (.15/tbs.)
Kalamata Olives S&S4.00/8 oz..50/ounce
Kale FS1.50/bunch.25/cup chopped
Kombu WF.25/1×2 inch piece
Lemon S&S2.99/9 pack.33/lemon
Lentils S&S1.39/lb.46/cup
Lettuce FS1.50/bunch.25/cup chopped
Lime S&S.50/each.50/each
Mango, Frozen TJ’s2.69/24 oz.54/cup
Maple Syrup Costco12.79/quart.20/tbs (3.20/cup)
Mayonnaise TJ’s3.49/16 oz.22/oz
Mushrooms S&S1.67/8 oz
Nutmeg Aldi1.99/1.5 oz.13/tsp
Olive Oil Roche12.99/101 oz.13/oz
Onion S&S1.49/lb..75/onion
Onion Powder S&S3.49/2.62 oz.15/tsp
Oranges S&S$1 each$1 each
Orange Juice S&S3.99/59 oz.57/cup
Oregano TJ’s1.99/4.5 oz.
Paprika TJ’s1.99/1.6 oz.13/tsp
Parmesan S&S8.99/lb.14/tbs.
Pasta, Whole Grain Target1.04/13.25 oz.26/cup
Peas TJ’s1.29/bag.26/ 2/3 cup
PearS&S1.49/lb.75 each
Peaches S&S .99/lb.
Peanut Butter TJ’s2.79/18 oz..16/oz
Pepper, Green S&S.99/pepper
Pepper, Red S&S1.50/pepper
Pineapple S&S1.00/28 oz.50/cup
Pomegranate Seeds S&S1 cup/12 tbs. 2.50 each
Popcorn, Organic S&S2.66/28 oz1.30/lb (.65/cup)
PotatoesS&S3.99/5 lb.80/lb.
Pumpkin Puree Roche1.19/15 oz.60/cup
Quinoa, organic Costco3.37/lb.84/dry cup
Radishes FS$1/bunch.12 each
Raisins, Organic Costco7.99/4 lbs17/ 1/4 cup
Raspberries S&S1.99/ 1/2 pint1.33/cup
Rhubarb S&S2.99/lb
Rice Milk TJ’s2.99/64 oz.36/cup
Rice Vinegar S&S2.99/12 oz.12/tbs
SaltS&S2.50/26 oz.01/tsp
SausageS&S3.99/lb5 links
Scallions S&S.99/8.12 each
Sesame OilWF7.99/bottle25/tbs.
Sesame Seeds S&S6.49/8 oz.17/tbs
Shallot S&S.59 each.15/tbs
Shortening WF6.99/24 oz2.33/cup
Soy Sauce WF2.79/10 oz.14/tbs
Split Peas S&S1.09/lb. 1.09/lb.
Squash S&S.79/lb
Strawberries S&S2.00/4 cups.50/cup
Sunflower Seeds TJ’s1.99/lb.
Sweet Potatoes FS1.00/lb.
Taco Shells TJ’s1.99/12.17 each
Tapioca Flour WF2.69/lb (5 cups).54/cup
Tomatillo Salsa TJs.09/tbs
Tomato Paste S&S.50/can.05/tbs
Tomato Sauce S&S.50/8oz.
Tomatoes, Roma S&S.50 each
Tomatoes FS$1.50/lb.
Turkey Breast, GroundTJ’s4.99/lb.
Vanilla S&S1.99/1 oz..10/tsp
Vanilla, Homemade .49/oz.02/tsp
Vinegar, BalsamicS&S3.19/8.5 oz.19/tbs
Vinegar, White S&S2.99/gallon.48/cup, .03/T
Walnuts TJ’s7.49/16 oz.50/.25 cup
WatermelonFS.50/lb.50/3.2 cups
Whole Wheat Bread1.75/loaf.12/slice
Whole Wheat Flour TJ’s2.99/5 lb.15/cup
Xanthan Gum S&S9.99/8 oz.20/tsp
Yeast S&S.59 each.59/3 tbs
Yogurt, Homemade .96/2 cups.48/cup

How do these prices compare to what you find at the stores in your area? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.