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There’s so much delicious local food at Okemo Mountain Resort in Ludlow, Vermont. It’s a great destination for a family vacation.

There’s so much delicious local food at Okemo Mountain Resort in Ludlow, Vermont. It’s a great destination for a family vacation.


Vermont is one of my favorite places to visit. It’s an easy trip from our home in Massachusetts, and we have lots of extended family in the northern part of the state. The beautiful landscape, the slower pace of life, and the celebration of local food are just a few of the highlights.

For my family, a ski weekend in Vermont is the perfect “compromise” trip during the winter. My husband and son love to ski, while my daughter and I prefer other activities. We’re more interested in the non-skiing extras. Think hot chocolate by the fireplace, swimming in the pool, and maybe some light outdoor activities if it’s not too cold.

Okemo Mountain Resort is such a peaceful place to visit.

And of course, food is always central on a vacation when I’m the planner. I’ve been wanting to visit Okemo Mountain for years because I heard they have several great locavore dining options.

This past weekend, my family finally got to make the trip up to Okemo. It was a gorgeous weekend for skiing after a big snowstorm had just come through the area. My husband and son had a great time making their way across the mountain. They were impressed by the conditions as well as the number of different trails and lifts. The view from the top of the mountain was amazing even on a cloudy day.

The skiing is fantastic at Okemo Mountain Resort in Ludlow, Vermont!

Meanwhile, my daughter and I had fun in the pool. I was pleasantly surprised by how warm the water was, and my daughter loved going down the water slide. It was wonderful that we could be so warm and comfy in the pool while looking outside at the snow-covered landscape.

Locavore Dining at Okemo Mountain Resort

When it was time to eat, we had to decide among the many different dining options on the mountain. With over a dozen places to eat right at Okemo, it was a nice problem to have. Just about all the options were open at lunchtime, while the choices for breakfast and dinner were more limited.

Coleman Brook Tavern is the main restaurant at the Jackson Gore Inn, serving lunch and dinner daily. The chef partners with dozens of area farms to develop a menu of comfort food. The atmosphere at this restaurant is wonderful, and we ended up trying several different things from their lunch and dinner menus. The shepherds pie, beef stew, and citrus beet salad were all highlights.

Lots of comfort food favorites using locally sourced ingredients at Okemo Mountain Resort!

Also located in the Jackson Gore Inn, Siena is a Tuscan-themed restaurant open on the weekends. The menu features everything from salads and flatbreads to pasta and cioppino. The chef at Siena partners with local farmers and artisans to put together these delicious menu selections.

Epic at Solitude is a great place to stop for lunch while you’re out skiing. Located at the base of the Solitude lift, this restaurant uses locally sourced ingredients in its salads, small plates, and entrees. The Deli at Epic is a good choice if you’re looking for healthier counter service food. For a special occasion, Epic offers a dinnertime Snowcat Dining Experience on Saturday nights throughout the winter.

So many great restaurants at Okemo Mountain Resort!

There are several other dining locations right on the mountain for when you need a bite to eat between ski runs. And the Clock Tower Base Lodge offers additional dining choices, including Sitting Bull and Vermont Pizza Company. No matter where you find yourself at Okemo, you’re not far from good food.

Extras at Okemo

There are plenty of things to do at Okemo besides skiing. During the afternoons, you can take a ride down the mountain coaster or go snow tubing. The pool is another good option if you’re looking to relax and get warm. And a ski trip wouldn’t be complete without spending a little time by the fireplace in the lodge. This cozy space was bustling day and night during our visit.

The staff at Okemo showed the characteristic warmth that I’ve come to expect from Vermonters. I faced a challenging situation on Saturday evening, and the Okemo staff came to my rescue.

I had decided to head over to the clock tower mountain base to check out the dining options and pick up dinner to bring back to our room. My GPS led me astray, and I ended up getting stuck on a snowy hill on the mountain. I couldn’t navigate an icy uphill turn, and my wheels just kept spinning and spinning without getting my car up the hill.

My husband had no way to get over to help me because I had the car. Fortunately, a few staff members stepped up and helped us out. Cynthia from the concierge desk drove my husband from the Inn to the slippery hill so he could try to get the car out. Meanwhile, Rod was just coming off his shift when he heard over the radio that someone was stuck. He drove over to see if he could help get me out of there.

In the end, my Vermont-born husband was able to back the car down the hill and navigate the scary turn. We were very impressed by the kindness of the staff members who went out of their way to help us.

The Jackson Gore Inn is a great place to stay if you're skiing at Okemo Mountain.

Unfortunately, after this little drama, I didn’t make it over to the base lodge area. It was all I could do to get back to the Jackson Gore Inn and eat there again. We’ll have to plan another trip to Okemo so we can try more of their food! I hear it’s just as fun in the summer.

Disclosure: My family was hosted by Okemo Mountain Resort for this visit, which included complimentary accommodations, lift tickets, and ski rentals. All opinions are my own.


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