1. Such a wonderful post, Annemarie! You’ve mentioned all the reservations I had when I decided to sign up for CSA box. It turns out it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. My husband was extremely hesitant, but I want to believe that he’s slowly coming around..slowly but surely ;). I’ve been doing all my meal planning around it, and it’s helped me to expand my repertoire and cook up new recipes. It’s always fun when I come home and find little lady bugs looking all comfortable and cute 😉

    1. I haven’t seen ladybugs in mine yet, Min, but I love the image! It can take some coaxing to convince family members that a CSA is worthwhile, but it’s definitely worth it. I’m glad your husband is coming around.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Annemarie! It is good to get the word about CSAs out there, as so many people have never even heard of them, and they are such a wonderful thing to be a part of!

    We loved being a part of a CSA before we moved. The farm we were with was very small, there were only a few subscribers. That meant it was very personal! There was also an 8 hour a month work requirement, so I would go work on the farm and got to learn some great gardening tips. On the days I worked, the farmer would let me pick my share myself. It is definitely a bargain!

    1. That sounds like a great farm share, Christine. The work requirement is a really good idea – I bet I’d learn a lot if I did that.

      1. Thanks, Lauryn! I love that chili, but I rarely make it the same way twice in a row. There are so many ways to mix it up.

  3. Last year was our first time joining a CSA. We fell in love too for many of the reasons you shared above. Just dropped off our deposit for our second season last week and can’t wait to taste that fresh earthy taste that comes from locally grown food!

    1. That’s great, Rose! I’m so glad you love your farm share as much as I love mine. Who can resist food fresh from the ground?

  4. Hello, I found this post via Farm Fresh Feasts, and I love it. I’ve done a CSA for two years now, going on my third year soon, and I couldn’t be happier with it for the all the reasons you described above. Great post.

  5. Love the variety part – one reason I love going to our local farmers market every week. The colors draw me in, I leave with so many things I wouldn’t see normally 😀

    1. Sarah, I love farmers markets for that reason, too. They also tend to draw a crowd of nice, down-to-earth people.

  6. Thanks for the great post! I too have been reluctant to join a CSA for many of the same reasons you’ve listed. But after reading this, I feel convinced it’s a great thing to do!

  7. I’ve been part of a CSA on and off for years. My favorite reason for joining is the ability to know where my food comes from and sharing that with my family. The excitement on my three boy’s faces is hard to resist when they open the box each week to discover the interesting produce inside.

    1. Lori, it’s wonderful to be able to say you know where your food is coming from. I’m glad to hear your children are excited to see the fun veggies that come from your CSA. It’s an experience all kids should have at some point.

  8. Wonderful post, Annemarie–I’m sharing this. It’s a really excellent summary!
    Thank you.

    1. Thanks, Kirsten! That means a lot. I keep trying to talk people into joining a CSA, and I wanted to summarize the rationale all in one place.

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