Easy Homemade Pickles

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These homemade pickles are delicious and frugal! Try this easy recipe to add some flavor and crunch to your favorite sandwich.

These homemade pickles are delicious and frugal! Try this easy recipe to add some flavor to your favorite sandwich.

When cucumbers are in season in the summer, one of the best ways to enjoy them is in the form of fresh homemade pickles. I love the flavor and texture of pickles on a sandwich.

This is a simple, healthy recipe for refrigerator pickles. All you need to do is slice the cucumbers and heat the pickling liquid on the stove for a few minutes. It only takes about 10 minutes to put together these delicious pickles.

These homemade pickles are delicious and frugal! Try this easy recipe to add some flavor to your favorite sandwich.

This batch has a bit of honey, along with lots of vinegar and some seasonings. These homemade pickles can be stored for several weeks in the refrigerator without canning.

If you have extra cucumbers, add them to this strawberry spinach salad or this Mediterranean rice recipe. There are so many ways to enjoy this delicious vegetable!

Easy Homemade Pickles

These easy homemade pickles are a delicious topping for a sandwich.
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Prep Time:5 minutes
Cook Time:5 minutes
Total Time:10 minutes


  • 4 cucumbers 6 inches each
  • 2/3 cup honey
  • 1/2 cup white vinegar
  • 1 cup cider vinegar
  • 4 tsp kosher salt
  • 2 tsp celery seed
  • 1/4 tsp mustard powder


  • Sterilize 3 pint jars in boiling water or in the dishwasher (see my raspberry jam recipe for details about sterilizing).
  • Slice the cucumbers 1/4 inch thick with food processor or mandolin and divide them among the jars.
  • In a small saucepan, stir together the remaining ingredients and simmer them over medium heat for 2-3 minutes.
  • Pour the mixture over the cucumbers in the jars (1/3 in each jar). Proceed with canning or refrigerate.

Approximate Nutrition Info

Calories: 38kcal | Carbohydrates: 9g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 1g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Sodium: 390mg | Potassium: 82mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 8g | Vitamin A: 36IU | Vitamin C: 2mg | Calcium: 11mg | Iron: 1mg
Servings: 24
Calories: 38kcal
Cost: $.97 per pint

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Homemade Pickles Price Breakdown

Using cucumbers from my garden, the total cost of this recipe is $2.90, or $.97 per pint of pickles.  Store-bought cucumbers would bring the price up to about $1.97 per pint, but this is still a great price for high-quality, real food pickles. This recipe is an easy one to make when cucumbers are plentiful in your garden or at the farmers’ market.


  1. Thank you for the recipes. It looks so easy and I love the honey idea.
    Question. Do the jars have to be processed in a canner? Can you just keep them in the fridge and if so for how long? ( I know they will be eaten real quick anyway)
    Thank you.:-)

  2. Are these sweet? My family likes crisp dill not sweet pickles. The ones I made last year were dill but too sweet for them…looking for a good refrigerator dill. What do you think?

    1. These are somewhat sweet from the honey, Paula. I would cut out the honey (or cut back to 1/4 cup) for your family. Let me know if you try them.

    1. Laura, you can eat them anytime, but they taste best if you give them 2 or 3 days in the fridge.

  3. I am so excited to make these! My garden is overflowing with cucumbers and I need something new to do with them! How long will these last in my fridge?

    1. Laura, I’m not sure how long they last because we eat them pretty quickly! Given the ingredients, I’m guessing they’ll keep for at least a month. If you can them, you can store them for even longer.

  4. These look delicious!! Have you canned them using a water bath before? I am wondering if they maintain their crunch or if they get kinda mushy. Thanks!!

    1. Thanks, Melissa! I’ve made these a few times, but I haven’t canned them yet. We go through them quickly.

  5. Wish you had a dill. My family won’t eat sweet or mustard pickles and I want an ‘easy’ pickle like this 😉

  6. I think (hope) I’ll probably have a ton of cucumbers. This is a great way to use those up. Plus, my kids loooove pickles! Thanks for sharing!

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