Real Food Meal Plan Week 4

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real food meal plan

Every week’s schedule brings new challenges at dinnertime. It seems like the challenges change from one week to the next, but it’s always something.

This week, the kids are on school vacation, so I’ll have to work around our daily adventures to get dinner on the table. We’ll be away for the weekend, and I do love writing “away” on the meal plan for two nights. It’s definitely a treat to let someone else do the cooking once in a while. I’m hoping to find a good locavore restaurant to try during our ski weekend.

For the rest of the week, I’m depending on easy meals that can be prepared well ahead of dinnertime. I’ll work on part of each dinner during the morning before we get going for the day. The Roasted Squash Apple Soup is an old favorite that’s going in my book, so I want to refine it. The Korean Beef Tacos are a new recipe I’m trying this week. Hopefully everyone will like them.

Real Food Meal Plan

Saturday: Away

Sunday: Away

Monday: Roasted squash apple soup, grilled cheese, salad

Tuesday: Slow cooker Korean beef tacos (substitute maple syrup), Asian slaw

Wednesday: Creamy mushroom soup (pureed), biscuits

Thursday: Baked pasta casserole, cucumbers and carrots with ranch dip, leftover mushroom soup

Friday: Cheese quiche, salad, home fries

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 What’s on your menu this week? Please share ideas and recipes in the comments.


  1. You inspired me to start meal planning as a way to keep my afternoons less stressful and my shopping more organized. I also experienced the “yeah” from the kids when I posted the first menu. I am only in the second week, but I have already learned to leave an open day for a leftover meal (last weeks pork tenderloin on Tuesday was used on a pizza Thursday). Thanks for helping me get started!

    1. That’s great, Linsey! I’m glad it’s working well. Aren’t things so much less stressful with a meal plan?

  2. Annemarie
    My son recently got his braces off bad boy did he enjoy his first bagel. I remember about how simple scrambled eggs and baked potatoes or mashed potatoes are once your teeth are sore.
    We are en route to Florida this week and I just polished off my turkey sandwich from home. After this, someone else is cooking for me!
    Thanks !

    1. Kirsten, my son will definitely miss bagels. Lots of scrambled eggs are coming his way. Have a great time in Florida!

  3. Found you on Pinterest! I’m always looking for new ideas for real food meal plans. It’s so hard to think of new things. Thanks for sharing!

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