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Deviled Eggs

This recipe for deviled eggs is a great addition to an appetizer spread. High in protein and flavor, deviled eggs are satisfying and filling. If you’re dyeing eggs for Easter, this is the perfect thing to make when you’re ready to eat them. I recommend using natural, homemade dyes so you don’t have to worry about chemicals seeping into your eggs. Deviled eggs are not an … [Read More...]

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Real Food Meal Plan Week 12

This is the last week of school leading up to my children’s spring break. I don’t have as much time to work when my kids are home from school, so I’ll be trying to work as efficiently as possible this week in preparation for the break. As a result, the meal plan is very simple again because that's all I'll be able to manage this week. If things get too hectic to cook … [Read More...]

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Chocolate Pecan Pie Protein Snacks

Homemade protein snacks are very deceptive. They’re full of healthy ingredients, but they taste like candy. These are among the easiest snacks to make because they don’t need to go in the oven. Simply mix the ingredients in a food processor, shape the dough however you want it, and refrigerate. These Chocolate Pecan Pie Protein Snacks are so good. You won’t believe they … [Read More...]

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Real Food Travel: Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a great place for a family vacation. The fifth largest city in the U.S. is home to lots of learning adventures, including historical landmarks, museums, and universities galore. There are sculptures and murals all around the city, so there’s something to see at every turn. Independence National Historical Park is a cornerstone of U.S. history, and dozens of … [Read More...]

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Pie Crust Recipe

An easy pie crust recipe is an essential resource in a real food kitchen. I used to use store-bought pie crusts whenever I made quiche or dessert pies. It seemed like making homemade crust would be too time-consuming, and I wasn’t sure I could get the taste and texture just right. As it turns out, I had nothing to worry about. In reality, homemade pie crust takes just a … [Read More...]

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Real Food Meal Plan Week 11

This week’s meal plan includes a couple nights of my favorite kind of dinner. It’s called, “Let someone else do the cooking.” We traveled to Philadelphia for my cousin’s wedding, and it was the perfect way to start off spring. What a beautiful, welcoming city! We enjoyed so much fantastic food in Philadelphia. From grass-fed cheese steaks to Amish desserts, there were … [Read More...]

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Ten Healthy Easter Basket Ideas

This time of year, I’m on the lookout for healthy Easter basket ideas. My children will get some of their candy favorites in their baskets, but I don’t want to bring a month’s worth of candy into the house. There are so many healthy alternatives to fill up Easter baskets. Here are ten ideas that will appeal to a variety of ages. Healthy Easter Basket Ideas Fruit infusion … [Read More...]

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Tomato Soup

Tomato soup is one of the many foods I never ate as a child. I had an aversion to all things tomato, so I steered clear of this classic comfort food. Now that I’ve warmed up to tomatoes as an adult, I appreciate the flavor of a good tomato soup alongside a gooey grilled cheese. Canned tomato soup may be convenient, but it's so easy and affordable to make your own. The … [Read More...]

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Real Food Meal Plan Week 10

I love seeing all the different ways people plan their meals. Some people like to stick with a particular theme on each night, like Meatless Monday, Mexican Tuesday, Pasta Thursday, or Soup Friday. Others like to sketch out four or five main dishes for the week, and then they see what they feel like eating as each night approaches. There are even some people who are … [Read More...]

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30 Healthy Dinner Recipes

Many people struggle to provide their families with a nutritious, whole food diet on a tight food budget. I often hear from people who are looking for frugal, healthy dinner recipes to help keep their food spending in check. Fortunately, homemade food is usually less expensive than its store-bought counterpart. If you make the commitment to cook most of your food from … [Read More...]