School Snacks

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Homemade snacks are much healthier and more affordable than packaged snacks. There are some great ideas here for packing school snacks.

With a little planning, it’s possible to send children to school with real food for their snacks.

I find that snack time is one of the easiest times to fall into the processed food trap, as store-bought crackers and granola bars are so convenient. However, they aren’t very filling or nutritious, so my kids tend to need a lot of food at snack time when I serve them processed foods.

Homemade snacks are more cost-effective and nutritious, and I feel so much better when I give my children a homemade, whole-grain muffin for a snack instead of a pile of animal crackers or goldfish. I like to make a couple batches of muffins during the weekend and then freeze some to have for snacks during the week.

Pair a muffin with some fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, popcorn, or hummus and fresh veggie sticks, and you’ve got a great, filling snack! Other real food snack options include cubes of cheese, brown rice cakes with nut butter, and yogurt mixed with granola.

Let me know if you have additional real food snacks to add to the list!

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