Frugal Healthy Soup Recipes

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These 25 frugal healthy soup recipes are comforting, delicious, and easy on your grocery budget. Perfect dinner for fall or winter!

These 25 frugal healthy soup recipes each cost less than $1 per serving. Add two of these recipes to your meal plan each week in place of takeout, and you can save over $2000 a year!

As the days get colder, soup becomes more and more appealing. It’s great comfort food, and it’s easy to fill a pot of soup with healthy ingredients. I love how frugal soup can be, too.

To help with affordable meal planning, I’ve put together this list of 25 frugal healthy soup recipes from around the web that each cost less than $1 per serving. When money’s tight, adding one or two of these recipes to your meal plan each week will help so much with your grocery budget. And you’ll feel good about using these nourishing, real food ingredients to feed your family.

It really is amazing how much money you can save by making food yourself.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you’re feeding a family of 5, and you usually get takeout twice a week for $25 per meal. That’s $50 a week on takeout. If you were to substitute two of these soup recipes for those takeout meals twice a week for the whole year, you’d save $40 a week. During the course of the year, that adds up to over $2,000 back in your wallet.

$2,000! What would you spend that on? It would probably go right into my travel budget.

Many of these recipes make big batches, or else you can double them. I always like to make extra soup so I can freeze some. On those days when the meal plan doesn’t go according to plan, I can grab a container of soup out of the freezer instead of resorting to takeout.

Frugal Healthy Soup Recipes

Vegetarian Cassoulet makes a delicious, frugal dinner!

Vegetarian Cassoulet $.81 per serving

Black bean soup makes a great frugal dinner!

Black Bean Soup $.40 per serving

Instant Pot vegetable soup in a bowl

Instant Pot Vegetable Soup $.86 per serving

Smoky Red Lentil Stew is a comforting, healthy soup recipe for a cold night.

Smoky Red Lentil Stew $.62 per serving

This squash chili costs just $.58 per serving!

Butternut Squash Chili $.58 per serving

tomato-Parmesan-slow-cooker-soup rfrd

Tomato Parmesan Slow Cooker Soup $.94 per serving

Split Pea Soup $.90 per serving. Great healthy dinner recipe!

Split Pea Soup $.90 per serving

Cauliflower curry in a bowl

Cauliflower Chickpea Curry $.86 per serving

Quinoa Chili is one of the 25 healthy soup recipes featured here.

Quinoa Chili $.87 per serving

Corn chowder is a frugal healthy meal that tastes great any time of year.

Corn Chowder $.69 per serving

Frugal healthy soup recipes

Kale White Bean Squash Soup $.99 per serving

Southwestern Chicken Soup is a delicious, frugal, healthy dinner recipe.

Southwestern Chicken Soup $.90 per serving

Mexican White Bean Soup, one of 25 frugal soup recipes

Mexican White Bean Soup $.92 per serving

Carrot soup is a great frugal dinner!

Carrot Soup $.49 per serving

Chicken Soup is classic comfort food. This is a great frugal recipe to get your through whatever is troubling you.

Chicken Soup $.78 per serving

Dumpling Soup is a real bargain at just $.21 per serving! Great frugal dinner recipe.

Dumpling Soup $.21 per serving

Easy, healthy, frugal soup recipes. What more could your meal plan ask for?

Greek Lentil Soup $.70 per serving

These 25 frugal healthy soup recipes are such a great resource for meal planning!

Mushroom Soup $.93 per serving

Potato Leek Soup is one of my favorite frugal soup recipes.

Potato Leek Soup $.59 per serving

Broccoli soup is a great frugal dinner recipe.

Broccoli Soup $.57 per serving

Squash tortilla soup is such a great healthy dinner recipe. It's cheap, too, at just $.80 per serving!

Squash Tortilla Soup $.80 per serving

Frugal soup recipes

Slow Cooker White Bean Soup $.80 per serving

This Instant Pot butternut squash soup is a quick, easy recipe for fall. It’ll make the perfect healthy addition to your holiday table.

Instant Pot Butternut Squash Soup $.89 per serving

25 healthy frugal soups

Vegetable Soup $.98 per serving

Gazpacho is such a delicious soup, and it's also frugal!

Gazpacho $.82 per serving

What’s your favorite frugal healthy soup recipe? I’d love some more ideas to add to my Recipes to Try board on Pinterest, so please share your suggestions in the comments!

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  1. This is awesome! I’ve been spending way too much on take out recently and with the weather turning, I’ve started thinking about make ahead soups. This weekend I made my favorite tomato and pasta soup. I’m printing out some of these for next time!

  2. Amazing soups and such gorgeous photos. I love fall soups! We have soup just about once every week, but the best part is the leftovers for lunch and the yummy bread we make to accompany it! PINNING!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this great collection of recipes! I’ve pinned this post for later but have some cauliflower in the fridge that is begging to be made into the curry cauliflower that I’m now craving.

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